• NVIDIA AI for Enterprise (NVAIE)

    NVIDIA AI for Enterprise (NVAIE)

    from AMBER AI & Data Science Solutions

The End-to-End Platform to build an Accelerated Production AI

NVIDIA AI Enterprise is a comprehensive suite of AI software that enables businesses to tackle new challenges and enhance their operational efficiency. As a secure, cloud-native platform, it offers end-to-end capabilities for building and deploying high-performance AI models. By accelerating the data science pipeline and simplifying the development and deployment of predictive models, businesses can automate essential processes and quickly gain valuable insights from their data. With a rich library of full-stack software, including pre-trained models, AI solution workflows, frameworks, and infrastructure optimization, the possibilities for innovation are limitless.

Explore Enterprise-Ready AI

  • Optimized for Production AI

    Designed for efficient implementation of AI in production, it offers a vast array of workflow solutions, pretrained models, and frameworks. This helps simplify the development and deployment of high-quality, production-ready applications for a range of AI fields such as speech, vision, cybersecurity, and more.


  • Certified to Run Everywhere

    NVIDIA AI Enterprise is certified to operate on various NVIDIA-Certified Systems™, as well as NVIDIA DGX™ systems and public cloud platforms. This portability enables businesses to easily transfer their AI projects across diverse and complex data centers, including hybrid and multi-cloud environments. With this capability, organizations can seamlessly scale their AI initiatives and ensure their projects run smoothly on different systems, wherever their data may reside.

  • Enterprise-Class Support for NVIDIA AI

    NVIDIA Enterprise Support is a global service that helps businesses keep their critical AI projects on track. This service is available to both IT teams responsible for deploying and managing AI, and developer teams building AI applications. By providing expert guidance and support, businesses can ensure that their AI projects run smoothly, meet their objectives, and deliver value to their organization.

NVIDIA AI Workflow Solutions

NVIDIA AI Workflow Solutions is a comprehensive offering that combines NVIDIA AI frameworks, pretrained models, and various resources such as Helm charts, Jupyter Notebooks, and documentation. This helps businesses expedite the process of building AI solutions and overcome various challenges that might arise during development. By utilizing these packaged workflows, businesses can benefit from reduced development time, lowered costs, improved accuracy and performance, and greater confidence in their AI outcomes. Furthermore, these workflows are supported by a team of NVIDIA AI experts who provide invaluable guidance and assistance throughout the development and deployment process.

Intelligent Virtual AssistantsEngaging Contact Center Assistance 24/7
Intelligent Virtual Assistants

Intelligent Virtual Assistants

Engaging Contact Center Assistance 24/7

With intelligent virtual assistants, businesses can provide 24/7 customer support at a reduced operational cost while freeing up time for human contact center agents. These assistants expand customer support services by delivering personalized and accurate responses in natural-sounding voices that can understand customers speaking with various accents and dialects, even in noisy environments or with poor-quality equipment. In addition, businesses can utilize real-time conversation transcripts to comply with legal requirements and perform offline analysis for further improvement of their products and services. Overall, deploying intelligent virtual assistants can improve the customer experience while enhancing business efficiency and performance.

Audio TranscriptionWorld-Class, Accurate Speech-to-Text
Audio Transcription

Audio Transcription

World-Class, Accurate Speech-to-Text

NVIDIA's automatic speech recognition technology provides highly accurate transcripts, powered by GPU-optimized models that can be customized to suit any domain or deployment platform. These world-class transcripts enable better understanding of conversations, inclusion of all participants, and the ability to derive contextual insights and sentiment analysis with real-time accuracy. After the conversation is completed, businesses can use these transcripts to perform offline market segmentation and improve their products. In addition, these transcripts can be used for quality conversation analysis to better train and onboard contact center agents faster, enhancing their performance and overall efficiency. With NVIDIA's speech recognition technology, businesses can unlock valuable insights from customer conversations and drive continuous improvement in their customer support services.

Digital Fingerprinting to Detect AnomaliesCybersecurity Threat Detection at Massive Scale
Digital Fingerprinting to Detect Anomalies

Digital Fingerprinting to Detect Anomalies

Cybersecurity Threat Detection at Massive Scale

With NVIDIA's digital fingerprinting workflow, businesses can achieve complete data visibility and uniquely identify every user, service, account, and machine across their network. This enables detection of anomalous behavior, providing intelligent alerts with actionable information that cuts down the time to detect potential threats from weeks to minutes. By leveraging unsupervised learning techniques, this workflow enables threat detection on a scale that was previously impossible. Furthermore, this technology enables security analysts to identify and act on potential threats faster, enhancing the overall security posture of the business. With NVIDIA's digital fingerprinting workflow, businesses can proactively identify potential security threats and take the necessary steps to prevent them before they cause damage.

Accelerate the Business Value of AI

With NVIDIA's AI platform, businesses can quickly realize the value of AI with best-in-class development tools, frameworks, and pretrained models. These tools enable AI practitioners to build and deploy AI solutions faster, while the reliable management and orchestration features ensure optimal performance, high availability, and security. This platform brings together the best of both worlds, enabling IT professionals to manage and secure the infrastructure while providing AI practitioners with the tools they need to build world-class AI solutions. With NVIDIA's AI platform, businesses can accelerate their AI projects and drive real business value faster.

NVIDIA AI Enterprise

Includes Proven Software for AI Development

  • Data Preparation Acceleration

    Enterprises can achieve significantly faster performance and improved cost-effectiveness with NVIDIA RAPIDS™, achieving up to 70 times faster performance and up to 20 times more cost-effectiveness when compared to similar CPU-only configurations.

  • Training at Scale

    The NVIDIA TAO Toolki allows for the creation of custom, production-ready AI models in mere hours, rather than months, by fine-tuning NVIDIA pretrained models. This can be achieved without requiring extensive AI expertise or large training datasets, allowing for efficient training at scale.

  • Inference Optimization

    For optimized inference, NVIDIA® TensorRT™ provides applications with the ability to perform up to 40 times faster than CPU-only platforms. TensorRT allows for the optimization of neural network models trained in all major frameworks.

  • Deployment at Scale

    To deploy AI models at scale and in production, NVIDIA Triton™ Inference Server simplifies and optimizes the deployment process. This enables businesses to easily deploy their AI models at scale, further driving efficiency and performance.


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